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Atomico Becomes A #YSYS2023 Mission Partner!

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with Atomico, Europe’s leading VC, investing in Series A startups and beyond. Atomico have committed to support #YSYS2023, our bold mission to connect 100,000 diverse individuals to startup and career opportunities in tech by 2023.

We have worked with the YSYS team many times over the past year, and have been constantly impressed by their impact, ambition, and the impressive community of talented individuals they are serving. Through this partnership, we hope to support, accelerate and increase the scale of their impact towards our shared mission of making the tech ecosystem in Europe more inclusive and more equitable, especially for talented people of color.” Niklas Zennström, CEO and Founding Partner of Atomico

At YSYS we are very proud to partner with organisations who consistently demonstrate their commitment to supporting diverse founders. We met Atomico in 2019, and have since gone on to build an awesome relationship with the team. They have supported our community in a number of ways, from mentoring on our Investment Readiness Programme to connecting with our founders through our Industry Workshops.

That’s why we are pleased to take our relationship with Atomico even further, providing more resources, programmes, and activities for our incredible community of diverse founders. We’ll be doing this in a number of ways.

Office Hours:

We’ll be collaborating with Atomico investment, growth, talent, and legal team to host Access Atomico office hours for our community to seek expertise and advice around fundraising, scaling, and more.

FoundersDoor Incubator:

We’ll be building upon the success of FoundersDoor accelerator, by curating an online library packed with resources and videos to reach diverse founders across the UK, led by Kwaku Dappah-Danquah, YSYS Programme Manager.

Fireside Chats:

We’ll be hosting a series of events, starting with consumer, bringing together beauty and haircare brands to share how their industry is.

“Following the tragic events that happened in May and the #BlackLivesMatter activism, we at YSYS have been focused on rebuilding our community and restoring faith in the ecosystem. Thanks to Atomico partnership we’ll be able to provide the very much needed care, opportunities, access to VC mentorship, and support for the most underrepresented, underfunded and underinvested communities” Deborah Okenla, Founder and CEO of YSYS

Visit our website: www.thisisysys.com

Learn more about YSYS2023: www.thisisysys.com/ysys2023



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