Branding Update

i did YSYS logo on word.doc then took a screen shot — it was time for an update.

i really don’t know much about branding, but i picked up a few things hanging around the likes of Efosa, Rachel and James. Below is just a brief description of my thought process behind YSYS branding. hopefully things don’t change ( i have a habit of being indecisive *stress*).

logo: typography: abril fatface + open sans light [learnt it’s best to have two types of fonts. never knew this before]. ‘y’ looks like little speech bubbles — see what i did there!

colours: black #000000 = power, elegance and formality. red #eb0026 = strength, power, determination as well as passion. > key attributes i think makes a good entrepreneur (do you agree?)

background: overlay of entrepreneurs suggested by YSYS whatsapp family = showcase and attract. (would like to update this with more faces in the future).

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