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Future Software Developer Now Mid-Programme Check-In

The Future Software Developer Now Programme in collaboration with Create Jobs and Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme, is a six-week Software Engineering Programme for tech-savvy 18–24-year-olds from diverse backgrounds.

Week 3 is always great for feedback and reflection! The Future Software Developer Now cohort completed their first brief from HERO and took part in a really informative feedback session hosted by HERO.

Throughout this week, the main objective was to provide the cohort with some real-life examples of what to expect from a career in Software Development. Based on the preeminent briefs we received, we’re SO proud of the teams. Here are some of the weather apps that were created:

This week’s sessions:

This week our techies learned more about Git and Github, with practical and interactive examples given by 10X Banking. The cohort really enjoyed the super engaging presentation delivered as it included polls, interactive exercises, and a really informative Q&A. Many of our cohort members had used Git/Github for solo projects but it was great to see it applied to working collaboratively, reflective of how a team functions in the workplace.

There was a Core Technologies session delivered by Brandwatch and the teams received their second & final brief of the Future Software Developer Now programme.

The Brandwatch brief is to build a Game of Thrones web application that allows users to view a list of characters, houses, or books using an API of Ice and Fire. It was great to also hear about Brandwatch’s vision!

The highlight for myself (Liz) and Tyra week was seeing what all 7 teams had achieved so quickly and the excitement for the next brief.

Coming up next week…

Next week we’ll be hearing about a day in the life of a Software Developer at 10X Banking, and the teams will start working on the final brief we received from Brandwatch.

We will also be hearing about coding to an industry-standard, brushing up on interviewing skills, and hearing from Google Digital Garage on how to create videos with Youtube.

We’ll catch you in next week’s update!

Want to offer your support to the cohort? Drop our programme managers Tyra & Liz a line here.




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