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Future Software Developer Now Week Two Check In

The Future Software Developer Now Programme in collaboration with Create Jobs and Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme, is a six-week Software Engineering Programme for tech-savvy 18–24-year-olds from diverse backgrounds.

In Week 2 the Future Software Developer Now cohort were able to really dive into their HERO brief. The brief was to build a web application to display today’s weather forecast and a 7-day breakdown for a location from the open-weather-map API.

In support of this task, we facilitated two live co-working sessions as well as a Q&A session by our brief partner HERO. The purpose of the brief was to ensure that when our cohort begins to attend interviews, they’d be able to speak on their problem-solving abilities and drawback to their experience working on the brief.

Agenda for the week:

In this week, our software developers engaged in a stakeholder management session with Publicis Sapient. The cohort also had a session outlining HERO’s core technologies, as well as catching up with their mentors at the end of the week.

These core technologies include React, HTML & CSS.

This week’s highlights:

We loved hearing from the Software Development team at HERO. During the session, James & Edward discussed their core technologies giving the cohort an insight into a day in the life of a Software Developer at HERO.

There was an opportunity to ask questions and get answers from real industry developers! Our cohort was bursting with questions. Big shoutout to HERO for sharing some really great techniques that they will for sure be bringing to the workplace!

Shoutout to the mentors:

We were able to get some feedback from our cohort on their mentor sessions so far.The cohort spoke about how much the mentors helped with their project management and provided tips on resources they could use to upskill and rise to the challenge of their brief. This included Code Academy & Free Code Camp.

Brief one, completed ✅

On Friday of Week 2, the cohort submitted their live brief. Next week we will have some live feedback sessions where HERO will be reviewing their briefs and sharing improvements. This will be an opportunity for the cohort to reflect and prepare for their next brief from Brandwatch.

Next week, the teams will be hearing from the Brandwatch team on their second and final brief, as well as their core technologies. In addition to this, we have live sessions that’ll dig deeper into Github, how to build a personal brand online, and decoding job specs!

We’ll catch you in next week’s update!

Want to offer your support to the cohort? Drop our programme managers Tyra & Liz a line here.




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