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LEGO Ventures become a #YSYS2023 Partner

We are proud to announce a new partnership with LEGO Ventures. LEGO Ventures invests in the future of learning, creativity, and play. They work with entrepreneurs, ideas, and startups centered around playful learning, which includes industries like gaming, adaptive education, and virtual reality.

LEGO Ventures have committed to support #YSYS2023, our bold mission to connect 100,000 diverse individuals to startup and career opportunities in tech by 2023. At YSYS we are very proud to partner with organisations that are committed to supporting diverse talent, and put action behind good intentions.

“As investors, it’s our responsibility to champion diverse talent and promote equal opportunity for all. At LEGO Ventures we want to move the needle on creating a more inclusive startup ecosystem. We’re thrilled to start working with YSYS on this important initiative, and look forward to doing our part in learning and growing through this partnership.” - Charles Madon, Investor at LEGO Ventures

We’ll be partnering with LEGO Ventures in the following ways, ranging from online workshops to office hours:

1) FoundersDoor Library

We’ll be teaming up with LEGO Ventures to deliver a number of online workshops on topics such as terms sheets, pitch decks, and more, as part of FoundersDooor Library, our free digital hub of videos for diverse founders, launching, building, and scaling startups.

2) FoundersDoor Office Hours

In addition, we’ll be connecting LEGO Ventures to our incredible community of diverse founders across gaming, education, and virtual reality. The Office Hours will provide an insight into LEGO Venture's due diligence and investment process. The team will also be taking part in our Annual Investor Lounge, bringing together VCs and founders across the UK and EU to pitch, learn and connect.

3) FoundersDoor Mentorship

LEGO Ventures will also be providing mentorship to members of YSYS who are looking for support and guidance. throughout the year, from one to one session to programme involvement.

“The change we want to see in the startup ecosystem requires a collective effort, that is why we are excited to have LEGO Ventures join us on #YSYS2023 mission as we partner together to build a diverse, and inclusive startup ecosystem for underpresented founders — Deborah Okenla, Founder and CEO at YSYS

Visit our website: www.thisisysys.com

Learn more about YSYS2023: www.thisisysys.com/ysys2023




YSYS is a thriving startup community for founders, developers, creatives and investors on a mission to make a difference.

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