Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK for Developers and Users

Mahesh Rajput
Nov 1 · 4 min read


Blockchain is the buzzword for the information technology and finance world from the last few years. Blockchain has a solid potential to change the way of how we transact. There is no doubt that technology is the same stage as the Internet was in the 1990s.

The main key benefits of blockchain technology are decentralization and transparency. Distribute Data among several computers ensure that no single authority has control over data and makes fully transparent, secure and robust.

Good news for Samsung lovers is that Samsung also enters in this giant technology development and providing services from wallet to dApps-decentralized apps.

Problem with Blockchain

One of the major problems for blockchain in current development is based on PC or web-based applications. There is not much for mobile dApps development in the current and the reason behind this is security.

To unlock any blockchain account you need a public, private or cryptographic fix length keys that are nearly impossible to guess easily like a password. So, all a hacker need is your key to steal your data. Without wasting time in guessing keys, hackers directly try to access them directly from our device like a PC and mobiles.

If your keys are stored in devices without encrypted then that is a golden chance for hackers to steal all your data and crypto if you holding. Right now organizations that provide mobile solutions rarely use internal storage for keeping your keys securely. But Samsung is coming with a solution to some of these issues.

Samsung Deliver Blockchain Solution

Recent during launching their flagship mobile, Samsung introduced the Samsung blockchain wallet app with blockchain-enabled galaxy s10. The main purpose of providing this is that users can easily transact their cryptocurrency and easily use dApps in their devices. This all because of Samsung Blockchain Keystore.

Samsung Keystore worked on a few key concepts that help to bring blockchain to mobile platforms. Samsung Keystore makes users phone like a cold wallet, storing their private information to a dedicated secure zone with the protection of Samsung Knox and TEE.

Samsung also enables the Samsung Keystore to DApps developers through Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK. This SDK allows developers to integrate Samsung Keystore in their DApps and provide a more secure key authentication.

Table Contents

Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK║ ║══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════║
║Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK ║ Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK║
║Gives a full set of functions ║ grant access to your Android ║
║that the Dapp needs. ║ app and Dapp to communicate ║
║ ║ directly with Samsung ║
║ ║ Blockchain Keystore ║
Features Features
║- Manage blockchain accounts ║- Link Blockchain addresses ║
║ & Make transactions ║- Sign cryptocurrency ║
║- Easy connection to hardware ║ transactions. ║
║ wallet as well as Samsung ║- Check Samsung Blockchain ║
║ Blockchain Keystore ║ ║
║- Dapp Browser (Cucumber Webview)║ ║
║- Blockchain Payment UI ║ ║ ╚══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝

Great Opportunity for Developers

Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is firstly introduced in SDC19 and is a complete solution to handle the major two problems in the growth of the DApps Ecosystem: security and the difficulty of building mobile compatible DApps. The new SDK has the power to integrate apps into mobile space, it is also highly comfortable for legacy apps that want blockchain features like enabling payment with cryptocurrency.

Here the way of new opportunities for developers by Samsung:

Great Blockchain Sense

Opening doors with less complexity to build blockchain apps is a huge benefit for developers and users and the Samsung Blockchain platform SDK is providing that. It helps to increase the ecosystem for DApps and gives more possibilities to Blockchain.

Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK helps work web-based DApps Applications on mobile with simple SDK integration. So users no longer need to depend on Laptops and Desktop systems to make crypto payments because they easily use Decentralize Apps right from their phone now onwards, Specially thanks to organizations like Samsung and many more to come in the blockchain.

Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK provides more security with the integration of ledger, users have more options to store their private keys securely. So, they don’t need to think more about hacker attacks.

In short, Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK is great to initiate by Samsung for developers and more for the blockchain community. It brings more trust and awareness in people for blockchain when organizations like Samsung take initiative in future financial technology.

Yudiz Solutions

Yudiz refers to the spirit of youth. In coherence with the spirit of innovation and creative spurt that is so natural to youth we at Yudiz believe in thinking beyond the convention to shape multitude of web aspirations.

Mahesh Rajput

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Yudiz Solutions

Yudiz refers to the spirit of youth. In coherence with the spirit of innovation and creative spurt that is so natural to youth we at Yudiz believe in thinking beyond the convention to shape multitude of web aspirations.

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