Artificial Intelligence — An Opportunity with a Responsibility

Artificial Intelligence — An Opportunity with a Responsibility.

Last Thursday on June 14th, I attended a conference to participate in discussions about how the new technology will change the future. Everyone certainly talked optimistic about the positive impact of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things on human kind. Jobs will be much more easier and better performed, Drones and other intelligent devices will be an asset in farming and agriculture domain, Architecture designing will be more accurate and easy to perform and many more such supporting statements established AI’s importance as a fact. Deep Learning Technology even claims to have produced results which have lower error rate than humans. But this probably is not the complete truth of it. Every new opportunity comes with a responsibility. When the potential of Nuclear Power was discovered for the first time, it was important that responsibilities of handling it well would had been thought immediately instead of learning it after facing a loss like Hiroshima — Nagasaki.

Human race has learnt enough from past. I think AIs should ultimately be treated as analysis systems and decision must be audited to ensure a put of natural intelligence in the final data. Everyone is running in the rat race of building an artificially intelligent gadget. I think it is equally important to start thinking about the problems which might creep in soon as the technology will grow more. What sort of security threats may arise when the machine will be give more power. We talk about GDPR to ensure that humans have the rights to revoke third parties from accessing their personal information. How will we ensure correct following of GDPR practices when machines will start having an access to the personal information. Will deleting the data from a machine’s memory delete it thoroughly. What new must be brought in law globally to control the use of such intelligent machines.

I bought a new “Google Home” device out of my excitement towards AI and automation. Since this is an awesome device hence everyone enjoyed the gadget thoroughly and kids in the family certainly got attracted most towards it. My two daughters started believing this device as a third child in our home. Their non stop talking to the device and taking that as a companion never troubled us until we discovered that both of them got anxious one day when it did not talk to them because of missing internet connection on that day. This may just be the beginning of our exposure towards newer Pandora box. To handle the smart devices we will have to be smarter indeed.

All that nowhere means that we should stop discovering new technologies. It is just that we have to be very careful to save ourselves from the darker side of it. Do not miss the responsibilities. While our developers at Yugasa Software Labs are aggressively working on AI and IoT apps but simultaneously we also evaluate our products and deliveries on those grounds which I mentioned above. We all, together, hope for a bright future with the advent of newer technologies and idea.