What makes human?

With the advent of chat-bots and personalized contents, everyone try to make techs feel “humane”. But I still feel that something is missing: The essense of what makes humans feel humane.

Admit it (actually, no, you don’t have to admit it. I just wanted to say it. 😅), we are still far from creating things that feel humane. We humans are perceptive beyond our conscious. We instinctively get what is real and what is not. And though the bots and efforts to add personalized touches may appear humanly enough in the eyes of their creators, we still feel that something is off.

So, what makes humans humane? I do not have a clear answer for that too. I believe that all of us feel it in our hearts, that inexplainable feelings when something feels off and something feels suspecious or someone feels warm. We are instrinctively attracted to other humans. And my guess is that that instinct to connect is what is missing in the effort to make techs feel humane.

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