Impact of UX


Here’s how UX can set your business on the right path

Evolving perspective on UX design

Businesses all over the world are gradually becoming aware of the user experience design. Though many businesses lack the clarity on the impact UX design creates and the long term advantages of UX design for businesses.

The understanding of UX design is evolving too. There have been many assumptions and myths about what UX is and how it works. Some of the myths included considering UX design as painting the pig or beautification of digital products that can be done last. Some assumed UX design’s only output is wireframes.

UX Design: Defining the Path to Success

UX design is a perfect blend of business and user goals supported by advancements in technology that help businesses deliver optimal solutions. Design-mature companies see design as a core capability. The impact of UX is far greater than the investment required.

If an organization spends just 10% on design, it stands to gain about 80% ROI.

Statistics like these are proof that the ROI on investing in the design are high. Though the cost of bad UX is even higher and something that should provoke businesses to look at investing in UX design for securing the future.

Benefits of UX Design

UX design makes sense of business and user goals. To understand the long-term advantages of UX design let us look at some of the examples of world-renowned brands.

These are some of the key representations of how UX design can influence the bottom line of business — reduce and save excessive costs. And also affect the top line by increasing user adoption, attracting new customers, etc.

Essentially UX design will generate revenue through product design, by reducing cost and/or manages risks. UX helps businesses have a clearer view of the gaps in the product offerings and their customers’ current expectations. With this insightful data, businesses can prioritize these gaps keeping the impact in sight.



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