How Facebook Detox Improved My General Online Content Appetite

There was a time when I used todefine myself as an infoholic, I was just addicted to learning and discovering things. Those were the beautiful years of Google Reader and RSS feeds. Every day I was starting with lots of new posts about design, architecture and tech and was updated about everything in the world. Then Reader got closed and even if I imported all that I had there into Feedly, I never really got used to it and just stopped reading things there.

It was also about the time that every blog or website started to present on Facebook, so I simple was liking everything I wanted to see daily in my news. Things started to go bad when I arrived to around 1000 pages liked… that’s not even counting friends. And I know that in Facebook you have lists that are similar to feeds, but how many people do really use them?

Then it got even worse when I started managing a page of our project #nevicata14 for work and basically also our cooperation with team is all in Facebook chat. So I had to open Facebook many times a day and many times I was getting completely distracted and lost for long time, and worst of all — not with any amazing articles about design and tech, but, you know, cat videos…

That’s about a time I started using Feed Eradicator for Chrome. So instead of all the endless posts in the world now I get only the wise quotes.

At first I had still some deficit of info, so on weekends I was returning it back to normal and checking, what has happened with the world during week. And I also still had mobile version with me whenever I was in transport or bored somewhere.

After a while I was turning feed on less and less, but started to experience lack of information in general, so I turned to other sources of it, suddenly =)

First the blog came. It’s been years that I was not checking my Livejournal feed and many of authors stopped posting anything there, but every morning I find up to 10 new posts there, so my first portion. Then I started checking Medium, but I still don’t get its feed function and why I have same top posts there for few days, so it didn’t come that useful. In the end some Russian portals like Lookatme and the Village (which I also haven’t been opening for years) also joined my list.

But recently a sudden change happened which made me finally write this post. I just remembered about existence of that amazing app called Pocket. So whenever someone was sending me link during work, I was not reading it, but adding there. And then reading it in transport. OK, that doesn’t sound as any kind of revolution, but for me it definitely is one.

Now the first thing I do in the morning is reading a chapter of a paperback book about work-related issues, still in bed. Then I move to the kitchen with my laptop and read blogs/articles from Pocket while having breakfast. Whenever I get a moment I just don’t want to open Facebook or Instagram anymore, but read some nice and deep long text and it all started just with Feed Eradicator. Basically it worked by the same scheme as any detox program — hard-core diet for a while returns you the capability (and will!) to appreciate taste and quality of healthy food. Highly recommended! Now I’m back to being infoholic, but with quality above the quantity.