Interstellar Raccoons Stories

Out of all the other projects becoming a storyteller of space animals is definitely one of my favorite activities.

Interstellar Raccoons are the members of secret space program. After success of dogs in space and on the contrary difficulties with monkey researchers decided to find the compromise and it turned to be in the form of these cute mammals which are very intelligent and also charismatic. The details of their mission in space are still classified, but when they came back they wanted to start communicating all that they have learnt during long travel and also assist changes on Earth. Unfortunately even if raccoons do have thumbs, it’s still difficult for them to perform precise motor skills, so they required human help and I was happy to assist. First of all we developed their main visual representation taking portraits of the main crew members.

Also during their visits to Earth for various events I was lucky to document their presence:

Then they also started writing a lot and those stories were very inspiring asking for special visual language:

Another big topic was design research of space exploration history performed in a format of Space Weekends:

It turned out that Raccoons were knowledgeable not only about our Universe, but some parallel dimensions, like Marvel Continuum O_o:

Some of the stories turned also into full presentations:

For a while Raccoons were super busy with important work on Earth — turning Castello square in Milan into a better place, so we developed also a blend of Raccoons and #nevicata14 visuals:

As it is very difficult to operate with ink in the zero gravity on the space ship I also helped to put Raccoons’ iconic graphics on the paper on Earth and spread it among the terrestrial friends:

Recently we’ve developed also a series of magical moving images, but those are still classified, here is just a little spoiler:

Stay tuned ;)