A Guide To Your First Travel Abroad

Many of you people here are probably travel enthusiasts, yet to take your first journey abroad. Understandably, the whole experience can be quite unnerving. Well, we’re here to ease the whole process for you. Here’s a basic guide for you travel-newbies to make this journey the smoothest ever!

  1. Things to pre-book
  • Visas: Make sure you’ve applied for the correct visa, and well in advance.
  • Flight Tickets: Way in advance (read: at least a month in advance).
  • Stay: homestays are a better option than hotels; cheaper, and a big plus if the hosts are nice people!
  • Tickets for things you want to do and places you want visit that usually have a long wait-list or are pre-booked well in advance. For example, the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam.

2. Documents & Softcopies

Make sure you’re carrying all the right documents as well as a copy of each on your phone, laptop or email.

The general documents you should be carrying are:

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Tickets
  • Photo ID
  • Itinerary (though not necessary, it helps in some situations).

3. Do your research on the country

You should do a thorough research on the country you are travelling to; the culture, language (learning general phrases is locally appreciated), clothing, how expensive it is, etc.

You should also find out the current political condition of said country, other than the climate condition. This gives you a heads up on what your travel insurance also covers.

4. Travel Insurance

Make sure your travel insurance is covered in case of any mishaps abroad.

5. Travel SIM card

Make sure you find the right travel SIM card that covers all your travelling needs, depending on your travel needs, such as the number of countries you’re travelling to, etc.

6. Check with your bank

Inform your bank that you will be travelling so that they don’t shut down your cards for suspicious activity.

Also find out what your bank will charge you with respect to exchange rates and conversion rates, as well as if they’ll be charging you anything additionally.

7. Luggage

Pack light; don’t carry unnecessary items you can find there too and roll your clothes. This helps you escape unnecessary baggage fees as well.

Make sure your luggage is easily identifiable so you can collect it with ease after landing.

Make sure your carry bag has necessary medicines you may need and things that can keep you entertained through your long flight; a couple of movies on your laptop/ipad, a book, snacks, music, etc.

Also make sure you are carrying a necessary change of clothing suitable to the weather and climate of the country you are arriving at, like a hoodie, shawl or t-shirt.

8. After landing

Check the weather and take out the appropriate clothing from your carry bag.

Get an Uber or the appropriate taxi service alternative of the country you are arriving at. If not arrange a taxi from the airport, or have your hotel send a car.

Don’t let anything bring you down and be confident! There’s a solution to literally everything, we’re trying to cover it all, and for those that we haven’t covered, there’s the Internet.

Happiest first journey!

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