3 A.M. Conversations

As the sky dims, the façades we wear every day melt, and the softness underneath is uncovered.

No matter how physically close, as long as a ‘connection’ has never been established, the person in front of you is a stranger. The term “3 AM conversation” illustrates such conversations, in which you lay bare while soaking in the raw person before you.

And that person before me is someone you know well enough … at least I thought so.

It turns out that the snarky rascal is a romantic. They are still sarcastic and cheeky, as they always were; yet something is somehow off. Like watching your favorite movie and noticing something fresh that overturns your understanding completely. (Well, not completely, maybe partially?) No, now that I think about it, I’m actually not surprised. It makes sense now. I always thought they didn’t care much about the world, that they didn’t bother to have a take on living. Actually, it turns out that I was the one who didn’t understand. Now I do. And I love them even more now.

I want more. Like a drug, I just want, no, need to know more. Need to know why they tick and how they tick. And now you can’t recall how how exactly the 3 AM conversation happened. These conversations could take place anywhere and at any time, but it seems that it only takes place around 3 AM, when everything else slips. The pride I clung onto. The strength I forced myself to project. The voices that say no one cares. I’m only left with two things: me and them.

Who’s here to judge? I don’t even care anymore.

3 AM conversations rip off every part of your disguise and tears out your secrets. I live in the city, where the streets bustle with lights and lies, and my life has become a masquerade. Until now, I have never made an effort to tear down the walls; now, a mutual effort to wrench out feelings and self creates a newfound, different connection. They’ll leave you with a bit more understanding of them — and even more so, of yourself. 3 AM conversations leave you with a faint smile, while exhausted over unveiling all the fronts. Everything was fragile and pretty, like glass. But this, though broken, this is irresistible.

Actually it’s even more appealing because it’s cut open.