Dear People of Earth

Dear people of Earth,

I want to ask you something.

This is a sixteen-year-old girl. I’ve had nothing go terrible in my life, I have no reason to be sad, but I am.

This is called depression.

I am asking people of the Earth to help me, to help everybody who has depression.

Please don’t tell us about how people have it worse than we do. We know: that’s one of the things we beat ourselves up about. We are alive, we could have it worse, someone would be overjoyed to have what we have. We know it. We don’t need you to tell us about it.

Please don’t tell us you’ll always be there. Someday you will leave, or you will die. Say you’ll be here until you can’t be here anymore. Nobody is here forever. Don’t further our point. Your leaving in a few years breaks us even more.

Please don’t tell us to get over it. We’ve tried. We’ve put on fake smiles. We’ve tried to be happy. We’ve done everything in our power to be happier.

Please don’t tell us how much pain we put you in. That makes us feel worthless. We can see all the pain. We can tell when we put you through it. It kills us.

Please don’t break down walls if you’re going to leave as soon as you can. Those walls were built to save us from people like you. Somehow you broke through them. You’re making it harder for everybody after you to love us.

Please understand that even tiny things hurt us. You don’t want a hug today? We will stay up all night wondering if you hate us now.

Please don’t joke about it. We worked up the courage to tell you. We know you don’t mean to be mean, but when you use our pain for your joy, it doesn’t feel good.

Please hold us when we cry.

Please reassure us that you love us.

Please take away our blades, our drugs, or anything that we can harm ourselves with. We will try not to, but the voices inside our heads are usually stronger than us.

Please makes us laugh.

Please sing cute songs to us.

Please hang out with us.

Please give us joy.

Please, just love us too.

Love us even though we don’t love us. I promise we’ll love you back.


A sixteen-year-old girl