Every beginning

(Unsplash photo by freestocks)

Every beginning is a little scary,
A little daunting, 
A little unexpected, of course.

Every step you take is possibly a new step.
We are each walking on untrodden paths
In our own ways.

Doubts may cloud your mind,
Fear may grip your heart.
Let not these two entities affect your journey.

They say the world is your oyster,
And it really is!

Go out there, challenge yourself.
Do something you’ve always wanted to,
But were afraid to.

Make ‘new’ and ‘uncomfortable’ (not in a bad way) your new words to live by. 
Meet new people, make new friends.
Learn new cultures, learn something you’ve never learnt about yourself. 
Step out of your comfort zone. 
It’s hard, it can be difficult at times (or many), I know. 
But still, I would like to encourage you to do so.

Be brave, be courageous, be victorious.

For this is a new beginning.