In the Meantime, Part 2

I moved into a new house and haven’t had internet until just recently. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to investigate anything for a well-analyzed article, so here’s another mundane life update nobody cares about.

Besides moving into a cool new house, I got a job at a call center (the things we do when we don’t have internet, am I right?). The environment is fantastic and comfortable. I haven’t felt this good away from home since my trip to New York.

My mother always said I would miss high school. I always assured her I wouldn’t — and I was right. Why would I miss sitting in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours, feeling the meaningless information my teachers give me go in one ear and out the other while being surrounded by immature classmates I don’t even like when I’ve got my job, where I’m in a nice air-conditioned room, improving people’s lives by selling them great products with mature people I do like … all while getting paid to do it?! I’ve been greatly enjoying growing up and experiencing this new phase in my life. People keep saying that the older you get, the more difficult everything becomes, but I don’t think people should fear independence and responsibility. (I also think grown-ups should stop scaring kids into thinking adulthood is the worst thing that’ll happen to them.)

That’s all that’s been happening so far, and I’m sorry for this poor excuse of an article, but I promise I’ll be back with the character/story analysis and anime stuff soon enough. Toodles!