Shower Thought

I am a hopeless dreamer. I want a better world. I want less hate. I want acceptance. So I want to believe that unconditional love is a thing. But does that mean loving anyone and everyone NO MATTER what they do?

Does that mean I am to love those who tore my innocence away and ridiculed what was left behind, and those who stole my hope and my soul piece by piece, day after day after day after day, by being without thinking or feeling and with “That’s the way of the world,” on purpose or otherwise?

I hope not. That would make it impossible to love both these people and myself at the same time.

But who’s to define what love is anyway? Is it like in the movies? A desperate attempt to patch other people up with bits of yourself that you’d survive without, because that’s what you’ve seen your mother do? Is it a cosmic sense of responsibility to set every soul that lights up for you on their path?

I’m hoping for the latter, and I will have to wrap this up by saying that unconditional love means not needing a reason in order to love someone, not loving someone despite all the reasons not to. Love is not supposed to be destructive. Or desperate. Unconditional love means that your starting position in regards to everyone in this game of life should be on the square with the heart on it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t move if you have to. It doesn't even mean that you have to roll a six.

You should just always start out there.