Swan Queen

Once Upon a Time is a very popular show.

Emma Swan and Regina Mills, the “evil” queen, are two of the most important characters in the show.

Regina cast a curse and Emma was the only one who could break it.

An evil queen and a savior? You just know people are going to ship it. Good and evil are best together.

I am one of those people.

And I have more reason than just wanting a queer couple to be canon.

I also must say, if Emma were a Robert, they would already be together.

I’m not going to go into detail as to why they would be perfect together; I present just a few reasons:

First off, who better to give the “evil queen” a happy ending than “the savior”?

They already share a child; nobody can change the bond they have because of him.

Emma has saved Regina’s life, even when she didn’t have to.

Emma sees good in Regina, always sticking up for her when other people don’t.

And the main reason I ship them so much: the looks they give each other.

I mean, look at the zoom-in on Regina’s face. And that isn’t supposed to be gay?

I can see the want in their eyes.

This isn’t a look, but Emma holding Regina back and protecting her from harm. How is that not love?

Here is is again, this time with movement.

The way Regina looks down Emma’s body.

The lack of personal space.

I mean, how is that not gay?

Okay, Emma is just super gay in this. The way she is looking over to Regina as if nothing has happened ever, while Regina is trying to figure out all Emma’s secrets, as if they are written on her face.

Regina watching Emma eat. The not-so-hidden lesbian message.

The happiness on Emma’s face as Regina is left speechless for a few seconds.

The small smiles they share.

And the tears.

Lips, so close. Anger. It is like the angry kiss scene all shows have.

They are checking each other out. It’s in the show! How can you say they are both 100% straight?

Okay, now if you are still in denial I get it. The eye movement isn’t in the script; it’s being made by the actors. I get that.

But why is it still in the show then?

They could cut out small things.

And if it is just the actors, why the zoom-in on this?

There is no reason for the zoom. It’s a romantic thing they do when somebody looks at the one they love.

But, this is just what I think.

Let me know what you think!