Throw Like a Girl

A story of instant karma.

It was a regular Sunday afternoon. I was sitting on my couch, surfing the internet. I had decided that taking a BuzzFeed quiz to find out what kind of dessert I am was a better use of my time than doing homework. Bing! I got a text from my friend: “Let’s hang out!” As I had nothing better to do, I agreed.

She came over, and we immediately set off, going around in circles for some time with each of us asking, “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know; what do you want to do?” Finally, we settled on our standard hangout at our local pizza place.

We ordered and settled into our usual table, the second table on the right in the back. We chatted about random topics while we ate. As we were down to our last bites, we noticed that a boy sitting outside was attempting to throw his empty Snapple bottle into a trash can a short distance away. He missed by a few inches and then left the bottle where it landed and just walked away with his friends.

My friend commented, “I bet I could make that shot.” I had some doubt but didn’t share that with her. Instead, I went along with her outside to see if she could make the shot the boy missed. She took aim, threw the bottle, and … the bottle went in!

She was triumphant. “Ohhh! You see that. I made it and he missed. Whoo!”

When we went back inside, we met the shop owner, who was standing by the register. He thanked us for cleaning up after the boy and presented my friend with a gift of two zeppoles, explaining “One for you, one for your friend.” That was a very nice gesture that I would have appreciated a lot more if my friend had not eaten both of them herself!

Usually virtue is its own reward, but in this case, the virtue of cleaning up with a great throw brought the reward of appreciation and free pastry. It doesn’t get much better than that. Now if only that boy had learned how to throw like a girl, he’d not only make the shot but make a better reputation for himself.