Time Is Cardinal

The essence of time is not to be undermined by the hustle and bustle of life.

(Unsplash photo by Bruno Raffa)

They say time is essential 
To allow the flowers within you to grow.

They say time is essential
But you couldn’t wait to hurry.

Maybe ‘instant gratification’ is what you grew up with.
If things doesn’t happen in a fraction of a second,
It’s a tad bit too slow to your liking.

This, to you, is uncomfortable.
And you want to rule yourself out of 
Any capabilities you believe you had.

But, my dearest dear,
Just as time is needed for fruits to bear,
Time is needed for the flowers within you to grow.

Don’t cut yourself out,
Don’t you go running off the track because 
you think you’re not good enough.

Only time will tell.
‘Only time can heal.’
Only time, when given, 
Will be able to groom the full-bloom you.

Too often, many of us forget that time is needed for us to grow. Perhaps it’s the increasingly accelerated pace of life that we’re living which causes us to overlook time as a valuable entity.

Time is cardinal for us to learn, for us to grow; for us to absorb anything fresh and raw, and for us to fit and adapt to a role.

Unlike the speed that our technologies are operating at — translating and processing information within microseconds or less, we, as humans, cannot discount the importance of time to aid us in our personal growth. We aren’t machines. We don’t process information the way our computers and smartphones do. It may, at times, be hard to accept our rate of growth — that it is slower than expected. But to you out there, don’t be too hard on yourself. In fact, don’t be hard on yourself at all. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of life rob you of the beauty and essence of time. Because trust me, just as how a flower blooms with days, weeks, and months even, of water, sunlight, and changes in weather, you will bloom in due time and season. You will bloom into a glorious, lovely, beautiful, and wonderful flower that you’re meant to be.