10 Tools to Automatize your webstore

E-commerce forums and message walls are crowded with complaining „freelancers” on the verge of burnout. They all had taken their flight from the nine-to-fiver world but have found themselves stuck in the hamster wheel of a second workplace created by themselves. E-commerce owners and professionals wanted to gain time successfully made themselves the slaves of repetitive, monotonous and time consuming elements. Many of these can be automatized enabling you to focus on the more interesting and human-centered elements of the whole e-store gig: creating compelling content or organizing offline events etc.

Using automation tools is the royal route to grow an e-commerce empire as a side business keeping your full-time job if you haven’t dumped it yet. Focus on the mind-refreshing and creative parts only and see your business scaling up!

Let’s see a few solutions that helps you to drop the boring part of e-commerce.

1. Yusp -Automatized product recommendation

With Yusp you can hit 2 birds with one stone: you can outsource your store personalization (and you don’t have to collect user info manually or with a self-developed algorithm) plus your conversions and sales will increase in weeks. Yusp can be integrated into Magento, Woocommerce, Prestashop, Opencart and Bigcommerce.

2. Automating social media posts

Buffer, SproutSocial, HubSpot, Social Oomph and Social Flow are coined to enable to schedule your social media posts in advance, to track the reactions, to follow your posts, to track the whole social media to collect all the places and contexts wherever your brand name is mentioned.

3. Mailsenders

With Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, ConstantContact, and the other tools you can schedule your emails for pre-defined times. Cheapest email automatizations start around 7–10 USD and many of them offer a free trial period. If you tune your mailsender only to cart abandoners, your cost will return after retrieving 2–3 cart abandoner customers. Mailchimp has become the ineffaceable flagship of the industry but before choosing an automated mail sender to your web store it makes sense to check at least 10 providers: any of them is seasoned up with some special strength.

Source: Capterra

4. Granify

As it is stated in an 2016 Baymard Institute report, more than 68 % of the carts are abandoned before completing the purchase. Granify offers a feature that submerges into the details and presents the real raw cause what made the customers abandon their cart. Then it coins real-time, retrieving messages following the customer’s behaviour.

5. Jilt

With cart recovery tools you can entice your cart abandoners back with discount codes as well. Jilt, our other recommended cart recovery service automation contains coupon- and discount code-based email campaigns tailored to the customer’s taste and to any kind of cart abandoning event.

6. Contalog

From acquisition to shipping the inventory is in good hands with Contalog. Stock gets updated on reception of orders, dispatched orders, returns, damages, and on other actions. Contalog tracks the availability of stock in real time, like „committed stock” and „stock available”. You can also juggling between warehouses with options such as selecting preferred warehouses, setting inventory transfers to the benefit of faster performing warehouses etc. etc. The centralized tracking feature presents all your sales should they be on different platforms, in your own or in your affiliates’ stores.

7. Cin7

Advanced transparency across multiple stocks and stock kitting are the strengths of the next solution: Cin7 aka Connected Inventory provides you a bridge between your suppliers and your outbound sales channels making all your supply chain clearly visible. Separating POS (point of sale) software and inventory system from each other often causes difficulties. Seeing the Inventory in depth through the POS software enables the webstore track incoming stock easier and lets the admin generate accurate cost of goods sold.

Source: Cin7

8. Shipwire

With Shipwire you can gain a global order fulfillment solution to delight your customers everywhere in the planet. You can connect to more than 150 fulfillment centers in 45 countries, you can ease and automatize several elements of the shipping process to make it look professional. Same-day-order processing, return shipping optimization, carrier options and order optimization, DDP (deliver duty paid) method implementation are the greatest value propositions of Shipwire within the shipping empowerment, while it has tons of adjacent services available such as virtual kitting, bundle packaging and subscription box kitting, product inspection, cycle counts, ASN assistance and serial scanning.

9. Jungle Scout

Say goodbye to the manual search of your intended product scope. If you would like to resell Amazon Products don’t miss Jungle Scout which hunts down your desired products with tracking the Amazon listings and organizing them in lists and categories. ( Image 3. ) Just set the price, the competition intensity, estimated sales, rating number etc. and you will distill an awesome product list to resell!

Source: Monetizepros.com

10. Pixc

Pixc fullfills all your photo editing needs, no more fiddling with removing backgrounds and annoying scraps having left in the photo. After your photos uploaded, Pixc will clean and streamline them to look professional product photos with celestially white backgrounds. You can manage your product photos from one dashboard even if you have more e-stores. Pixc integrates with Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce and Magento.

Originally published at www.yusp.com.

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