Humans are able to bring beauty into the world; a note on my growing appreciation of classical music

If they choose so. A small note on my growing appreciation for classical music.

To be idealistic for a moment, I thought how things would be if humans simply focused on art & music, technology & science, and their trade or development, what a world.

At 105 minutes into this video, Yo Yo Ma explains a particularly interesting feature about Bach’s cello work. This is something worth exploring more, but from what Yo Yo Ma said, there’s something about timing and implied vs actual phonics — and all I know is that it a feeling of understanding our place inside of or relative to time, and perhaps perception itself.

I’ll have to wonder if that also applies to this Bach violin piece:

A good friend of mine speaks about how Bach in particular is “very IJ”, mathematical, and I noted its geometric approach at times — but Yo Yo Ma’s comment perhaps adds something new for me to consider.

Speaking of consideration, pensive states, and wondering, harp music even has metamorphosed for me.

I’ll close with an excerpt from another conversation; I’ll be sure to return to these thoughts later.


Now, this continued sense of ever towards Japanese minimalism I guess its called “Ma”, and I feel it even in the music; I can have musical stimulation — right now the cello solo — that is what soothes me, and I know not everything can be that way, but I am embracing it now.
It doesn't seem pointless like in the past. I am more comforted by things being simple. I listened to something about Eckhart Tolle and he was answering a question about career and job, and (although its super 9 answer) there’s something to it that I can use: someone asked about career, etc, and he gave general advice, but he also said one of the good things about a ‘boring job’ is that th less excitement or stress etc, the more you can just be in stillness, which I relate to. I relate to it also particularly now for me in strategic terms.
I’ve been realizing how much mental energy I expend, constantly processing things. Or how downtime was simply “processing different things”, instead of pause. EJ life. But I’m now also required to preserve and or be strategic about applying that energy more so. There is an art to it. That’s where I am now.
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