What is the Whitelist and what are the advantages of it?

Let’s start at the very beginning!

An ITO (initial token offering) or a crowdsale is set for a fixed amount of token sales within a certain period, which usually varies from a few weeks to a few months. A Whitelist ITO means that you have to sign up in advance to participate in the sales, which is usually the hallmark of popular projects that offer a limited number of coins.

So, why you need to participate in the Whitelist?

  • Only successful Whitelist participants can take part in future crowdsales. The participation in the Whitelist is the only opportunity for you to get coins as many as you want if a company produces a strong project which has a real chance to succeed.
  • You fix the number of coins you want to purchase. Sometimes there is a cap for the number of tokens that one participant can buy.
  • Companies offer the best deal during Whitelist’s period. Some campaigns may open for various rounds of token sales with limited amounts of tokens to be sold during each phase. So, some may offer a pre-sale discounts before the actual sale date.


Z-POP DREAM Project is a global entertainment ecosystem to discover hidden pop music talents initially from all across Asia then on a global scale, accelerate their rise to stardom and create a global token economy within a $46 billion market — all powered by hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans spread across the world.

Z-POP DREAM is endorsed by the K-POP production professionals who helped turn popular Korean stars such as PSY, BTS and Girls’ Generation into global stars.

How to take part in the Z-POP DREAM Project’s Whitelist?

Z-POP DREAM Project’s crowdsale starts this summer, we will provide you with particular dates soon. Meanwhile, potential contributors can subscribe to join the Whitelist.

To apply, you need to provide us with your personal information, that includes your email and amount of the desired contribution.

During the Initial Token Offering, ZPOP Coins will be available to contributors and fans. These tokens will not only give fans exclusive access to merchandise and content, but also the rare opportunity to be an influential part of the K-POP Star creation from the very beginning.

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