Go Home Weather, You’re Drunk

Flip flops. People were wearing flip flops in February. FEBRUARY. John Holt was grilling! The Marlin Man had to make sure he wasn’t actually in Miami. Valentine candy had to be consumed because everyone was afraid it was going to melt! (that’s the reason we have none left in our office, right?)

With this beautiful weather, you might be tempted to pack up all of your winter gear, turn on your sprinklers, get the pool cleaned and start your garden. However, when it comes to season-based projects, you are best off to leave them in the season they belong. That means, keep your irrigation system turned off, plan your garden but don’t plant it, keep your pool as is. Good news! There are some projects that you can definitely tackle when the weather is more spring-like than middle of winter-like.

Here are a few:

Clean the Garage:

Who doesn’t love cleaning the garage?
Here is a tip to start: You’ll need to do a quick inventory of what you have and what you need. Safety first — be sure when you are throwing away any cleaning supplies, batteries, car maintenance supplies, that you check how to dispose of them properly. It’s also a good idea to have a sturdy pair of work gloves and old clothes to keep yourself protected from any spills.

Lay down three tarps — these are your toss, donate and keep piles.

Want to have a useable garage? Contact Ed Jenkins; he can turn you no-car garage to a two-car garage in no-time!


You can open your windows before there is pollen! Hooray! Pick a room to tackle or just an accent walls. Give your home the bright upgrade you’ve been dreaming of. Blue tape and tarps, not your thing? We’ve got the best painters in Kansas City on Zaarly.

Spring Cleaning:

Open the windows, send your kids outside to play, grab some bins and a duster and go to town! When you are tackling spring cleaning it’s best to use the “OHIO” method: Only Handle It Once. Get your boxes out, have one for things you are tossing, things you are keeping and things you are donating and then tackle one room at a time. Rather spend a day at the park than a day figuring out if you really need that Tupperware lid that has no matching bottom? We’ve got the most talented organizers around KC.

Enjoy the warm weather days this winter!

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