Love the Space You’re In

Even though you know it’s not real; sometimes it’s hard to imagine all the things that got cropped out of your friends’ perfect-life social media photos. Piles of laundry? A beat-up dresser? A dirty floor? Probably. We’re all human.

So, what does it take to love your home?

Turns out, there’s a lot of little things you can do to show your home some love. Here are a few ideas:

1. Paint an accent wall. Kelly Oliver, from Full Concept Renovation and Remodeling, says sometimes all you need is a fresh new color.

2. Focus on something you love. Then work around it. That could be an object, color, or pattern.

3. Modernize something old or worn, like a desk or dresser. Polish it, paint it, or add new hardware. Or pair it with something modern.

4. Go versatile. Especially if you’re worried about not liking a big, permanent change. Rather than painting or building cabinets, switch out pillows or add a hanging wall of canvas. Just make it you.

5. Get clean and organized.

Get help. “You get to the point where you know you can’t do it all; you are going have to ask people for help,” says Zaarly customer, Lisa Williams

Whatever you do, Kelly Oliver says, “Don’t shy away from a challenge.” If there’s a table you want and can’t find it, have it made. And if there’s a mess you don’t want to share, don’t think twice about shoving it aside before snapping a shot of that perfect, smiling child. We won’t tell.

Need a hand? We’ve got you covered.