Meet Kelly Oliver

When we asked Kelly Oliver from Full Concept Renovation and Remodeling what she loved most about her job, she replied,

“My favorite thing is when I can have a big reveal. I want my clients to be amazed. I love being able to make something happen that they never thought could be done, that is what I love about my job.”

Born and raised in Kansas City, Kelly has been a part of the art scene for a while now, even managing an art gallery at one point in KCK. Before that, she was in a corporate job — which wasn’t exactly her scene. “I didn’t enjoy that job,” Kelly said, “I was a weekend warrior, always creating — that is what I wanted to do.”

She would get into interior design when she worked at the art gallery, helping people pick out the right things for their home; it was a natural progression.

These days, she is enjoying helping people create spaces they love. Sometimes that means giving a room a fresh new color; sometimes it means completely reimagining the space.

And she won’t let a project go any less than perfect, often “being there from the very beginning stages of planning, through to the execution.” And if her time wasn’t enough, her dedication is even more fierce. Kelly states that “if it’s a certain table you want and we can’t find it, I can make it.”

She tries not to shy away from a challenge. She often uses her house to try new things. Kelly is always creating and always learning. When she sees something that interests her, she jumps in and tries it out. And to her, it doesn’t feel like work, and sometimes, she can hardly wait to get started in the morning so that she can create and learn more.

Kelly has five tips for making over a room:

1. In each room find a focal point. Let that inspire you to make that room. Whether it’s a pop of a different colors or a pattern.

2. Fall in love with your space! So many times, people base their homes off of what they see in a magazine, but it’s not what they want. Do what you love.

3. If you are having a hard time coming up with a concept, find something that means something to you, something that you love, and start there. Create a space that centers around something meaningful to you.

4. If you aren’t ready to fully commit to a complete change, come up with something a little more versatile, rather than fully committing. It could be large canvasses with a pattern you love or a color you want to see in a room instead of doing a complete re-paint.

5. There is always some way to modernize something around that one thing that you love. If you have an old antique piece, work with it rather than hiding it in a box, bring it out and see figure out how to make it work in your space.

And, of course, Kelly is there to help a customer realize their vision for a room, if it’s a complete overhaul, draping a canvas, or just figuring out where to put that nice antique piece in that modern home.

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