What To Do With All Those Summer Crafts

Summer is in full swing! It seems when the kids are on summer break, the amount of stuff starts multiplying. Add in a VBS or summer camp, and all of a sudden you’ve got a macaroni frame, 8 extra pool floats, 3 arm floats (where is the 4th?!), 14 pairs of sandals/flip flops, 5 of which you are sure don’t belong to your kids. You’ve got an endless supply of summer snacks and you definitely started out the summer with a whole system that you were totally going to implement.

Summer can be chaotic. We’ve got some tips on how to utilize space and decrease clutter.

1. Bucket of Flip-flops.
Get a large bucket, stick a label on it that says “flip-flops” and put one at each door to get in your home. That way everyone can easily grab a pair or put a pair away.

2. Ready made summer bags.
So much of summer is spent running from activity to activity. A bag of travel games, a bag of ready-to-go snacks, a bag for the pool. Keep in a basket somewhere near the entry way for easy grab-and-go. You can do the same for snacks. Creating snack packs for the pantry and the refrigerator can save you a lot of time, and cut down on energy costs — no more kids standing in front of the refrigerator trying to figure out what they want. (ok, they will probably still do this, but it could cut down the open fridge door time by a few seconds anyway).

3. Create a space for outside toys.
If you don’t have a way to store outside toys, outside, purchase a large bin or an extra large tote bag to place on the porch or in the garage.

4. Keep your bug spray, SPF chapstick, and sunscreen in a shower caddy.
Half empty bottles of sunscreen and bug spray seem to always get lost every summer. Get a shower caddy and have a sunscreen and bug spray station, one in the house and one in your car.

5. Organize your trunk.
Having a few things that stay in your car can save you a lot of aggravation when it comes headed out to the pool or park. Keep a few folding chairs in your trunk, bottles of sunscreen and bug spray, pool toys, swim goggles, sand toys, a couple of extra towels, an extra bathing suit, for the inevitable “hey! come over and swim at our place!”

6. VBS/summer camp craft- art gallery.
Your kids will inevitably bring home at least one craft per day. One parent recently told us that they set up a little art gallery in their home for all of the VBS crafts.

“Every day we’d put the craft/coloring page on a special table that I designated the Summer Art Gallery. The kids displayed them proudly. At the end of VBS we had a little art gallery closing to celebrate the end of a successful week. I took lots of pictures of the crafts, and the kids sent each Grandparent one craft from the week (sorry Grandma!).” — Stacey in Kansas City

Staying organized during the summer can be a challenge. If you find yourself needing a hand (or two) one of our organizers can help get your space feeling clutter-free. Enter your zip code to get immediate access to the best house cleaners and organizers near you.

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