When Pets Take Over

The day you went to the animal shelter you had a plan. Your new cat or dog was NOT going to run your household. They were not going to sleep on your bed, they weren’t going to eat your coffee table, they would not scratch the corners of your sofa.

Now, you look back and laugh. Your cats decided on ONE particular corner of a sofa that is now a scratching post. You have to basically come a gymnast to get out of bed because your dog is still sleeping. There is a dining room chair covered in cat hair.

Pets have a way of taking over. We can’t really help with moving the pup off the bed, but we do have some advice about the messes they might leave in their wake.

  1. Change your filters more frequently.
  2. Brooms and vacuums: Rubber brooms work ideal for removing pet hair. It will collect the hair into one convenient hairball. Vacuum right after to get anything that got knocked loose from the rubber bristles.
  3. You just aren’t going to be able to have white furniture and white rugs. Look, we hate to break it to you, but chances are the white furniture or rugs probably have to go.
  4. Damp mop works best where there isn’t carpet. Mops that have disposable wet-pads at the bottom are perfect for when you just want to mop and go.
  5. Lint roller. You’ve probably figured out by now that lint rollers become a staple in your home. Use them on everything — sofas, chairs, carpet, curtains and of course, your clothes.
  6. Dryer sheet for baseboards. Dryer sheets will pick up a lot of hair (and dust) without the effort of taking a cleaning rag to baseboards. You can even attach a few dryer sheets to your Swiffer and run it along with your baseboards for an easier clean.

Need a hand with pet hair? Our housecleaners can help.

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