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Zabuyaki updated to the latest LÖVE

Just a little heads-up: Zabuyaki has just been migrated to the newest version of LÖVE.

Baby whales love LÖVE. Or something.

For some context, LÖVE (or Love2D) is an open-source cross-platform engine for developing 2D video games. Back when we started Zabuyaki in 2016 (yeah, it’s been that long), we started it on LÖVE 0.10.0, the latest version at the time. Then we moved on to 0.10.1 and 0.10.2 later that year, as they were released.

Then 11.0 got released. They dropped the leading “0.” part to make it clear that the engine is mature and stable. We tried moving Zabuyaki to 11.x, but encountered issues due to the breaking changes it had, linked to the way it handles colors and shaders. So we’ve been stuck on 0.10.2 for over 3 years… until yesterday!

Don has finally done it: now Zabuyaki is on LÖVE 11.3.

Can you see this runs on the newest LÖVE version? Actually, you can’t, haha :D

Why does it matter? Well, on top of making us benefit from the newest fixes, improvements and features of the engine, it also makes it a bit easier to test Zabuyaki, if you want to. You just need to the grab the latest version of the engine (which naturally tends to be the most readily available). For more details on how to play Zabuyaki, check out

We have confirmed Zabuyaki does not work on some machines yet if they’re stuck with an older version of OpenGL (GLES / GL), so don’t bother trying to make it run on an older phone or a Raspberry Pi, for example. We will probably work around that later, once the game is closer to completion, but we still have a long way to go.

Back to Zabu-work for us!



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