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What is Engineering as a Service?

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Engineering as a service (or EaaS) is a way of building software, without hiring. Instead of hiring and maintaining an engineering team, you simply use engineers when you need them, freeing yourself from the headaches of recruiting, project delays, managing teams, and wasted resources.

EaaS providers are similar to contract development services, outsourcing, or software agencies. EaaS teams are never the direct employees of the company building the software.

Unlike other contract developers — EaaS providers are not project based — they provide engineers on demand. Sometimes for a day, sometimes for six months.

EaaS: The Rewards

EaaS customers don’t need to hire, train, or manage engineers, but they get all of the benefits of an in house engineering team. When they need a software change they assign a ticket to an engineer and only get billed for how long the task takes.

EaaS Characteristics

A good way to understand the EaaS model is by looking at all of the characteristics of an EaaS team.

A startup that utilizes EaaS would recognize the following:

No overhead

You only pay for what you use. When you are waiting on designs or more requirements, you aren’t paying for engineers to sit on the bench. Anyone familiar with Gumroad’s story will know why this is a big deal.

Ready to start

You don’t have to wait for an engineer to start. They are ready to pick up tasks in a day or two. They already have context to your project, so you don’t need to wait for them to read through and understand the code.

Specialist Availability

You have easy access to engineers with different specialties like front End, back end, devops, UI, etc. That way your engineering team matches your product requirements and not vice versa.


The average time to hire an engineer is 45 days, if you need another engineer under the EaaS model, they should be available in a day or so.

EaaS Takes advantage of Remote Work

Anyone familiar with Gitlab, Basecamp, or Zapier will be familiar with the benefits of remote work. With EaaS teams, you are not limited by hiring locally making the months it takes to find an engineer in your city seem hopelessly old fashioned.

Embedded Team Members

EaaS providers will actually have their team members be a part of your organization. They are an embedded member and not someone you just send a project off to.

EaaS Trends

Many companies are still struggling to adapt to the post Covid world. The biggest indicator of this is when a company talks about “plans to return to the office”

Many companies will fall off a cliff when they try to require engineers back in the office. After Covid the companies that accept remote work and an EaaS model will be at a significant competitive advantage over the companies that waste time trying to go back to the office. They will see these advantages in the form of:

  1. Cost Savings — on staff and propery
  2. Access to Talent — not being limited to a single city
  3. Risk mitigation — built in resilience of engineering processes
  4. Focus — instead of getting good at managing a physical address you can focus on sales and engineering

Zaelot Inc. is a provider of Engineering as a Service. We work with startups, small businesses, mid-market, and enterprise Fortune-500 companies. If you would like to explore how engineering as a service can help you out you team reach out to us at or visit our website




You have the idea, we have the people to build it.

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