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Different businesses has different needs when it comes to checkout, this article outlines the options you have when it comes to customising it

Zagl supports setting up different types of shops, to provide an example right now Zagl has got the following types of shops:

  • St Pius X Canteen: Parents pre-ordering food for their kids
  • Glitz & Bath: Online only cosmetics business
  • Al Pacino: Pizza bar with focus on take-away and delivery
  • The Killer Drop: Delivery only alcohol and food service
  • The Chennai Palace: Indian restaurant with take-away and delivery
  • Jimmies Restaurant: A fine dine, with online ordering for take-away only
  • Zagl Menu & Marketing: For shop owners for ordering paid support services and marketing materials

From the above it’s quite clear that you can setup a wide variety of online shops on Zagl, to accomodate the needs of these businesses we provide the following options for customising the checkout flow. All these options can be set in Settings > Checkout Settings as shown below:

Collection Name

When an order is placed, the customer name is automatically taken from the customer’s profile which is created when the user registers with their mobile number. So typically you wouldn’t enable this option.

But for cases like school canteens, where the parent (the customer) is placing the order for their child, the collection name is the name of the child. So by enabling this option, Zagl will ask the customer to provide the collection name while placing the order.

The following screen comes up for St Pius X Canteen asking for the child’s name during checkout:

Pro Tip: So this option can be used to ask for additional collection name in any situation where the order is placed on behalf of someone else.

Collection Time

This is better described as a requested time. This option is useful for orders for which the user can request a time by which the order has to be made. For example:

  • In schools, the parent can place the order on Monday, but requesting the order be made on Tuesday.
  • In restaurants, the user can pre-order their dinner to be delivered at 7:30PM, placing the order in the afternoon.

The following screens shows collection time screen for a pizza bar (left) and a school (right):

Pro Tip: This option can be customised to any type of time requirements checkout the last section (Collection Time Type) of this post for additional info on this.


Customer comments enable users to send in arbitrary information along with the order. For example:

  • Parent’s might specify special dietary requirements for their kids.
  • For delivery orders customers might provide special instruction for accessing their house etc…

Example of a comments screen:

Pro Tip: For a business like Glitz & Bath, it’s not applicable, so it could be turned off and the customer can skip comments during checkout as well.


As the name suggests, if you are not running any promotions, then you can turn of coupons, such that that customer will not be asked for a coupon during checkout.

An example of coupons screen if enabled:

Pro Tip: If coupons are turned-off, even if you create promotions, the customer will not be shown this screen, so if you plan to run any promotions, be sure to check if you have enabled this option.


This is one of the easiest options to understand. If you are not accepting cash, then you can turn-off this option. If left on, then the customer can choose to pay by cash as shown below:

Collection Type

We have a few options here:

  • Not Applicable: If the business is neither pickup not delivery, Ex: school canteen, the user doesn’t have to choose, it’s understood.
  • Pickup Only: If the user can only do pickups and no delivery. Ex: Jimmies fine dine.
  • Delivery Only: If the business is delivery only business. Ex: The Killer Drop
  • Both Pickup & Delivery: For businesses doing both as the name suggests

Collection type (left) and delivery address screen (right):

⛑ Pro Tip: For the last 2 options, the user will be prompted to enter delivery address where applicable.

Collection Time Type

This option is based on Collection Time above. If collection time is on, then the following dropdown is displayed.

  • Same Day: If the business does same day delivery, select same day, else choose custom. ⛑ Pro Tip: If same day is selected, then the customer will not be allowed to place order after the business hours. Most suitable for cafes/restaurants.
  • Custom: If you need a different schedule, like day of week in case of school canteen or something different, then you can choose custom

The following screen shows the same day (left) and custom collection time (right) below:

Pro Tip: If you choose custom, first click save and then a new tab Custom Collection Time appears on the top, click on it to specify the required collection schedule as shown below:

To summarise, you can setup a wide variety of shops on Zagl by leveraging the checkout settings to customise your ordering experience. For more information please contact or chat with our support team on the portal.

For newbies — Zagl e-Shopping Mall let’s you setup online ordering for your school canteen on a mobile app for free. For more information checkout our website and follow our blog.

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