Deals Setup

How to setup your restaurant’s deals on Zagl?

Deals are an integral part of ordering food at a restaurant, at least here in Australia. If you order food quite regularly at a restaurant then you will know that the first thing you look for is a deal that fits your needs for the meal.

A family with 2 kids might order a family deal of 2 Large Pizzas, a Garlic Bread and a 1.25L Drink

Setting up deals on Zagl is quite straight forward. I’ll walk you through the steps below:

To add a deal click on Items > New Item > Deal, this will take you to the deals page.

Basic Details

In this screen you can add the basic details of the deal along with the description and the overall deal price. Lets take the example I mentioned above:

Once you fill in the basic details, it’s time to add the pizza and the drink as options for the user to choose, because the Garlic bread is fixed and there is nothing the user had to do about it.

Adding Pizzas to the Deal

To add the Pizza choices to the user, click on Add Pizza and choose the Size (in this case it’s Large as the deal is for Large Pizzas) and add the quantity, as this deal offers 2 Large Pizzas, enter 2 for quantity.

Choose size as Large and quantity as 2

Once the selection is made, the list of all Large pizzas you have added will appear as shown below:

Choose the Pizzas you would like to offer as part of this deal. And if you would like to charge extra for any of the pizzas, you can conveniently specify the additional charge for it. In the case above, if the user chooses Chef Special then he will be charged extra $1.00 and the total deal price will become $41.00 ($40.00 Deal Price + $1.00 extra for Chef Special)

Adding Drink to the Deal

To add Drink option to the deal, click on Add Item as shown below:

Enter the item name and quantity, in this case it’s 1.25L Drink and the quantity is 1.

Now it’s time to add the options the user can choose for the drink. To add that click Add Attribute (similar to Basic Item, items here can has a list of attributes and each attribute can have a list of options for the user)

Just to explain the above screen:

  • Item title is 1.25L Drink
  • Quantity is 1
  • It has only one Attribute Choose Drink
  • It’s Single, as the user can choose only one drink
  • It’s a Required options (the user has to choose this)
  • Coke, Solo and Sprite are the available drinks

Now the deal is all set and the user can choose 2 Large Pizzas and a Drink.

Adding deals might look complicated at first, but if you add a few deals, you will feel right at home, if you need help setting up deals, please let us know by dropping a word to or let us know in the comments below.

A word about half & half

It’s possible for the customer to order half & half pizza as part of deals The good news is that you don’t have to do anything special while you setup deals. The fact that you do Half & Half for large pizzas is taken from the Pizza Settings and the options are automatically presented to the customer.

Zagl is the only food ordering platform in the world that offers half & half in deals. Any pizza lover would know how essential this is

Deals without Pizzas

Adding pizzas in deals is totally optional, if you are a restaurant that don’t offer Pizzas or if you offer a deal that don’t include a pizza, just leave out the Add Pizzas section and you are all set.

Once you setup the deal, be sure to check how it looks on the app to make sure that the outcome is what you had in mind

Zagl in a nutshell is an e-Shopping mall that offers mobile ordering for your cafe/restaurant for free. For more information checkout our getting started guide.

Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash