First Anniversary for Zagl 🎉

August 25th marks the first anniversary for the company, it is exactly this day last year that we started Zagl

What an incredible first year!

Why we started Zagl?

Before starting Zagl, the same team was part of a different project called Restoplus which was 2 years old at the time and made mobile apps for restaurants. The product was getting a lot of attention from the market and it was at the time we started growing rapidly, unfortunately around June last year, Apple revised their review guidelines which banned White Label apps from the App Store.

After numerous unsuccessful negotiations with AppStore review team, we decided to create a new project that will potentially offer the same benefits of a mobile app without white-labelling and that led to the beginning of Zagl

Name change

When we started this company, it was originally called MyShop Online and later on we changed it to Zagl because the name was too generic and we wanted something that is neutral and fresh in the minds of our potential clients and their customers. So we began the hunt for a new name.

Choosing the name

I would like to share some more information on how we ended up with the name Zagl. Although it’s sounds like Google, it’s definitely not based on it.

Basically we were trying to come up with a name that is unique, short and kind of unpolluted on the internet such that there aren’t my references to the name on Google. We understood that anything that ends with AGL had little references on Google, so we started playing with literally every word that ended with agl, like Bagl, Cagl, Dagl etc… I know it sounds silly, but coming up with a unique name on the internet was a big task.

One potential name we found was Hagl, but then there was a company called Haggle Huge in Australia, so we can’t possibly choose Hagl, because even though the spelling is different, people would confuse it with Haggle Huge.

Then next option we considered was Wagl. There were two problems with this name: 1. There was an app listed on the Play store with the same name. 2. It had a very strong connotation to dogs which is not too relevant for an e-commerce platform.

Moving further down the list, we ended up Zagl, because adding the letter Z was adding another level of rarity to the name on the internet, and a quick google search proved the fact and did not reveal anything obvious, so that’s how we ended up with the name Zagl.

Surprisingly people hardly mix it up with Google

Concept change

The concept itself changed over the year and when we originally started, the tagline was e-shopping mall, upon interacting with potential clients we understood that they had difficulty in understanding a totally new idea and the product as well was slowly started transforming into a community-based ecommerce solution, so

what started as e-shopping mall later on turned into a social shopping platform

Product development

Look back at the last year, we are quite proud of what we have accomplished, because starting from scratch we were able to design and deliver the platform, and right now we have a good number of clients were able to build their community and receive orders daily on Zagl.

Client diversity

We are also surprised at the diversity of the clients on Zagl. We have got a school canteen, a cosmetic shop, a liquor delivery startup, numerous pizza places, few Indian restaurants, a burger joint and other most recent addition a fish and chips shop on the platform.


From the point of view of technology, we are an extremely scalable serverless system. I have to admit that it did not start this way and the first version of the product followed a traditional architecture, but 3 months in, we understood that for the platform to be scalable it had to be extremely cost effective for our clients, so we scrapped what was built and moved to a serveless architecture.

Serverless is part of the reason, why our pricing is low compared to other players in the market who are operating on a commission basis


I would like to highlight a few features that we rolled out this year. Apart from the e-commerce side of the platform, notable features include

  • What’s new feed with social elements (like, comment and share)
  • Anonymous authentication — which allows users to start using Zagl and follow shops without providing any personal information
  • Push Notifications


In near future, we are planning to launch on Product Hunt, right now we are working towards getting the contents right and also we are trying to identify a potential Hunter who could introduce us to the community. After the launch we are planning to implement a loyalty program, which is one of the most sort of the features of Restoplus. And last but not the least, support for fashion and retail stores.


We also quite proud of the fact that we were able to build our Blog with more than hundred articles and we have been able to share updates constantly with our community. Moving ahead, we would like to get more video content produced, so watch out for more videos from our team 📹

Big Thanks

The post will not be complete without thanking the incredible team at Zagl, friends and family members who are extremely supportive and instrumental in getting the product out. It’s up to us to make their sacrifices count and we are quite close to making it happen 🙏🏻

Next Steps

The next couple of months are all about expansion, acquiring new customers and launching in other countries including India. One year down, we are just getting started and it feels good to be here.

Happy Anniversary Zagl 🎉

Photo by Audrey Fretz on Unsplash