Introducing Zagl App

The world’s first e-shopping mall

Zagl — is the world’s first e-shopping mall.

What is an e-shopping mall?

It’s a digital version of the physical shopping malls. Essentially a mall is:

  • a collection of shops with their own store-front
  • where customers interact directly with the shops

How does Zagl compare to Amazon or EBay?

Amazon/EBay are marketplaces where there is no store-front, so the identity of the brand is lost. It’s all about products and not brands. While Amazon is like a market, Zagl is a mall.

While Amazon is a Market, Zagl is a Mall.

What about having your own App?

You own App does provide the benefits of having your own store-front. But after Apple killed white-labelled apps it’s no longer as easy as it used to be to have your own app. Essentially it’s a blanket rule with just 13 words:

4.2.6 — Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.

Is Zagl a solution for shops looking to have their own App?

Absolutely. Opening your store on Zagl will give you most benefits of having your own app, and in a few cases it could be better then having your own app. Zagl is our answer to Apple’s ban on white-labelled apps.

What are the type of shops that Zagl support?

To start with Zagl only supports cafes, but in near future we plan to support Fashion and Retail stores as well.

What does it mean for the customers?

Customers can follow their favourite shops on Zagl, thereby personalising their shopping mall.

For a customer, Zagl is a personalised shopping mall.
Customer can search for a shop and follow, thereby creating a personalised shopping mall of their favourite brands

What does it means for the shops?

Once a customer clicks on a shop, he is virtually inside the shop, this will give the shop a dedicated space to engage with their customers.

For a shop, Zagl provides a dedicated space to engage with their customers.
Once a customer is inside the shop, the shop gets a dedicated space to engage with their customer. Including a “What’s New” page and a full fledged e-commerce store with social features.

Getting Started

To setup your store checkout our getting started guide. For more information visit our website and follow our blog.

Photo by on Unsplash