Sowdri Murugesan
Aug 19, 2018 · 3 min read
It’s all about the brand 👕

Online entrepreneurs choose to set up their shop using Shopify because they would like to establish their own brand name and would like to drive sales directly using their marketing channels.

From the point of view of such an entrepreneur, there is a huge overlap in the offerings of Zagl and Shopify, in fact Zagl could be viewed as a superset of what Shopify offers in a sense that

if you sum-up the e-commerce features of Shopify along with the community building aspects of Facebook, then that would essentially be Zagl

So the question that often ask is it is Zagl a replacement or Shopify? The answer is a mixed Yes and No.

Let me just explain the Yes bit and then I’ll explain the No part.

#1 Yes:

The primary reason for someone to setup their online store on Shopify is because they would like to create a brand for themselves, otherwise it would be extremely easy for them to sell those products on eBay or Amazon.

The fact also means that they have a brand image and set of customers who knows them by their name. From this point of view I would argue that Zagl is a better place for brands, because from the ground up it had been designed to be a community-based e-commerce platform.

And moreover customers are increasingly choosing to spend more and more time on their mobile phones and they are increasingly using mobile apps for almost everything. So it is only fitting that the e-commerce platforms should have an extremely strong mobile presence to cater to this fast moving generation.

#2 No:

For the No bit, as of today what has been released is a general purpose e-commerce module, and the fashion & retail modules are not ready. So if you’re running a fashion store or a retail outlet, while you could still set up your shop on Zagl, the exclusively designed modules are not out there. So until that time the answer will definitely be NO.

Another reason I would like to highlight here is that there is no inventory management in Zagl, while you could remove the product from the listing if it went out of stock, if your offering is extremely inventory sensitive, then there is no way you could do that on Zagl at the moment.

The future:

We have plans to create an integration with Shopify, such that you could use Zagl as the front end for your shop on Shopify, once this is completed then but just a few clicks you could totally build your fanbase on Zagl, while managing your inventory and orders on your Shopify admin portal.

Please let me know in the comments if you would like to see the Shopify integration sooner. If you would like to know how you could setup your online store on Zagl for free visit our website or drop a word to

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Zagl - Mobile Commerce Platform

The smartest alternative for a mobile app

Sowdri Murugesan

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Co-Founder @ Zagl & Sustainable Restaurant Movement

Zagl - Mobile Commerce Platform

The smartest alternative for a mobile app

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