Are you looking for a

Mobile app for your restaurant

We are in the business of making mobile apps for restaurants for the past 2 years via. a project called Restoplus. After Apple banned white labelled apps, Restoplus stopped accepting new clients.

Something we learnt by being part of Restoplus is the truth about —

What a restaurant owner is looking for when he is on the hunt for a mobile app?

Just like the saying that ‘people who want drills need holes’, I would say that owners who want a mobile app for their restaurant need:

  1. Mobile ordering — As these owners realise that the bulk of their customers are ordering on their smart phones.
  2. A first-party ordering system — Their own channel without the noise of the platforms. They want a simple and straight forward means of connecting with their customers akin to their phone line.

I did a quick google search for mobile app for restaurant and the results were pretty disappointing. Half of the results were blog posts that explain why you need a mobile app, which is pretty much useless because you are already convinced and are looking for one and the other half were app creation services like BusinessApps, Appypie, Buildfire and AppInstitute.

Why app creation services wont work anymore?

Apple demands that your app has to be listed in your own developer account.

Back in the time of Restoplus, we had one developer account for Restoplus and all the apps of our clients were listed as part of the same developer account. You can click here to checkout all the apps listed by Restoplus on AppStore. It made perfect sense, as we are the developers of the app and not the restaurants. Sadly it’s not possible anymore.

But as stupid as it sounds, developer accounts are for developers and if you manage a cafe it’s not for you. Being a developer I could give you a heads up to not believe companies that promise to manage the developer account on your behalf, as I’m sure it’s illegal for a software services company to impersonate your business.

A developer account in a legal binding between apple and the developer/company in question. So don’t even try to get a mobile app via. app making services online unless you are the one signing up for the the developer account.

The solution.

We started Restoplus back then to provide mobile apps for restaurants and we were quite successful in doing so. But after apple changed the rules, we had a choice as to keep pushing by going around AppStore review restrictions or to reinvent the solution and come up with a different way to provide the same benefits that you could get from having your own mobile app while following AppStore review guidelines and we choose the later.

Zagl is the outcome of the effort we put in to create a product that will offer most — if not all the benefits of having your own mobile app. If you own a restaurant and would like to know more, checkout the getting started guide.

Preview of how a restaurant looks on Zagl:

Just remember app creation services had their time, just like when Restoplus was a real business, but now it’s gone. So be informed about the AppStore’s rules and make a wise choice today.

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