No place for your restaurant on Google

A video by SBSAustralia about brand jacking

I follow Marketing4Restaurants on Facebook, they posted this video by SBSAustralia on their timeline. I would like to share it here because I believe you ought to see this.

Courtesy: SBSAustralia

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If you pay attention to the video, there is a huge difference between the original promise Menulog made and what they actually did after signup. The original promise was that, Fusiopia would receive orders they would not receive if not for Menulog.

But Menulog did exactly the opposite and channelized the orders the restaurant would have received directly via. their platform.

They did this by buying Google Adwords for keywords that rightfully belong to the Fusiopia, apart from this they also create websites using domain names in the name of other businesses. This is simply not fair.

As companies get bigger they should remember that apart from profits, they have a social responsibility to take care of their clients and create a mutually beneficial and a sustainable ecosystem for the good of all parties involved.

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Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash