Sowdri Murugesan
Aug 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Why do we need online ordering for pizza places? Why can’t the customer simply ring the store directly and place the order?

The answer to these questions lies directly in the anatomy of the pizza itself. Ordering a pizza it’s not like ordering any other cuisine because the same pizza could be made in a ton of different variations.

For example starting with the different sizes, think of add toppings, remove toppings, half & halves, and deals. On top of this some shops make different bases and restrict half & halves to only traditional or gourmet ranges.

I do agree that traditionally people have been ordering pizzas on phone. Even today one of my favourite pizza places right across the street accepts most of their orders on the phone. So it is not something that is unthinkable, but this argument is very much from the point of view of the restaurant owner and what they had mastered in the number of years that they had been in business.

It’s more pressing to consider the kind of change that the customers are going through and the difference, technology has made in the behaviour of the way people interact with the restaurants.

One of the biggest downside of placing an order on the phone is the limited time that the person on the other end could spend on the phone itself

In a busy restaurant, the person who is on the phone is so occupied that she hardly has more than a few minutes to spend on each call. So if you’re ever placing an order on the phone, be ready with the exact order as there is absolutely no room for anything else.

If you are a pizza fan, then your would agree that typically someone would spend anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes in ordering a single pizza while placing it online, this is especially true if the order is for the family or a party where everyone around might have their own likes and dislikes and the order should cater to the pallet of everyone around.

“In fact ordering pizzas for a party is an art”

It’s not uncommon for people to keep track of the price of the pizza while they are adding and removing stuff to it, as it could vary widely. Once online, your can keep track of the total such that you could always updated the items to fit your budget. While this might seem like as if it is about money, it is more about the peace of mind knowing the order amount before placing it.

In summary, I would argue that ordering a pizza is quite special and with the kind of convenience people have started to expect from online ordering, it’s not optional anymore. If you are pizza bar and if you haven’t gone online yet, it is time you make the switch.

If you would like to know how you could set up online ordering for your pizza bar on Zagl for free, check out the website or drop a word to

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

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Sowdri Murugesan

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Zagl - Mobile Commerce Platform

The smartest alternative for a mobile app

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