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Payments Setup

How to setup payment gateway to process credit card orders?

Sowdri Murugesan
Feb 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Zagl uses Stripe for processing all credit card transactions. You can create and manage your own Stripe account and link it to your Shop on Zagl to accept payments.

Payments are directly handled by your Stripe Account. Zagl does not have access to any of your funds.

Funds flow through to your bank account that you have provided Stripe on a 2 day rolling basis. Stripe’s transaction charges varies based on country. I’ve linked US, UK and Australia for your convenience. Be sure to checkout the pricing for your country.

Connecting Stripe Account

Connecting your stripe account is just a 2 step process. When you visit your payments page for the first time, you will see the Connect with Stripe as shown below.

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Clicking on the button will take you to Stripe as shown below:

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Just fill out the form and click Authorize access to this account. This will create a new stripe account for you and will also connect the account with your Zagl Shop.

Connecting your existing Stripe Account

If you already have an account with Stripe, the process is the same, except for filling out the above form, click on Sign In on the top right and follow instructions.

Managing Your Payments

Here on, you can checkout the payments you are processing using your account’s Stripe Dashboard.


  • Before accepting credit card transactions, make sure you can login to your stripe account.
  • Enable 2 factor authentication for your stripe account for increased security
  • Stripe will require you to verify your identification details to process charges above a certain volume, be sure to check that you have verified your identity
  • Make sure you have given the right bank account information into which your payments will be directed

Supported Cards

Zagl can not process payments for Visa, Master and Amex cards. Support for Apple Pay and Android Pay is coming soon.

If you have further questions, post it in the comments below. For newbies — Zagl e-Shopping Mall let’s you setup online ordering for your cafe/restaurant on a mobile app for free. For more information checkout our website and follow our blog.

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