What is e-Shopping Mall?

In a nutshell …

Enter E-Commerce Platforms

While e-commerce platforms have got the advantage of bringing together a lot of sellers and buyers together, they are more and more standing in the way of the shops and their customers. The platform takes the centre stage, the platform wants to own the customers and control what’s being shown and sold. There is no place for a brand or branding in such marketplaces. In fact shops have got a new term — ‘seller’.

Seller in a Marketplace

A seller is merely a label along side the product listing. This trend will dominate and marketplaces will get bigger and bigger and branding and identity will be lost in an ocean of product listings, like what’s happening with Amazon and EBay.

Enter Shopping Mall

While shopping malls brings together Shops and Customers in a unified setting, it strives to get out of the way and provides the necessary infrastructure for commerce to happen.

Zagl wants to bring this model to e-commerce. This in a nutshell is e-shopping mall.

Photo by Tristan Colangelo on Unsplash