Why mobile app is a must for a Cafe?

Time is money for him — How do you know? He has a coffee in hand ☕️

If you are a busy cafe in the city, read each statement and nod your head if it’s true for your customer:

  • He usually walks into the office with a coffee in hand
  • Sometimes gets one for his colleague too
  • Imaging he is driving his way to the office
  • He just parked his car
  • Want to get to office on time to the meeting
  • He is in a hurry
  • He hopes to grab the coffee on the way from your store
  • Sadly is 3rd in line
  • Doesn’t have the time to wait for 5 minutes before you serve the two other customers
  • Has to choose between waiting to grab the coffee or making it on time to the meeting
  • Either he waits impatiently and runs his way to the office
  • Or perhaps walks away with the coffee in mind rather than one in hand

But just before he leaves or while waiting, he sees the poster on your window that says:

Skip the queue and pre-order on our mobile app
A poster designed for our client — PublicCBD Cafe, Adelaide

What do you think will happen?

  • He knows best and downloads your app
  • Orders his coffee at the parking lot
  • Picks up the steaming coffee on arrival
  • Feels privileged
  • Makes it on time to the office with a coffee in hand and a smile on his face
And of course he does it again tomorrow

and so the story continues … ☕️️️

Post your opinions in the comments below. For newbies — Zagl e-Shopping Mall let’s you setup mobile ordering for your cafe/restaurant on a mobile app for free. For more information checkout our website and follow this blog.

Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash