Zagl Review Process

How to get your shop live on Zagl?

Sowdri Murugesan
Jan 15, 2018 · 3 min read
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When you setup your store on Zagl, your shop will be in ‘Unpublished’ status, which means people cannot search for your shop by name.

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Screen showing the status of an unpublished shop

Once you have completed the setup, you can click ‘Submit for review’ as shown above. This will send out a notification to the review team and they will review your shop mostly within 24 hours. Once the review team has completed the review, you will get an email containing the outcome of the review.

If the review is passed, your store will be immediately live on Zagl and your customers can find your shop by searching for it on the app. The below screen show the status for a ‘Published’ shop.

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Screen showing the status for a published shop

Once the shop is published, you can unpublish it any time. But remember unpublishing a shop will merely make your shop not show up on search results for future customers and your shop will continue to exist for your existing users.

If the review fails, you will get an email and the status page will show the reason why the review failed. The below screen shows that the review was failed because payments was not setup for the shop.

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Screen showing the status of a rejected shop

You can submit your shop for review as many times as you want and each time the review team will give your helpful hints to fix the problem.

Before submitting your cafe for review please make sure that you have setup the following:

  • Items
  • Menu
  • Payments — Connect your stripe account
  • Offers/Coupons (optional)
  • Store Timings
  • Customer Contact
  • Delivery Suburbs
  • Billboards (this show-up on your home page)

If you own a cafe then this should just be straight forward. Once your are done with this, submit your cafe/restaurant for review from your ‘Status’ page and I’m sure if you have provided the right information, then your cafe will be approved and good to go.

The review process ensures that Zagl contains complete and legitimate shops, which in turn is important to protect the customers and the rest of the shops including yours on the platform.

Zagl is currently working with select clients in private beta mode, if you would like to participate in private beta, send us a email at Zagl will soon be live on AppStore and Google Play, follow our blog for updates.

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash

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