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Welcome to Zakatify

The power of zakat is now in your hands. Now available on iOS and Android.

Zakatify is a new mobile app that provides an easier and more meaningful way for Muslims to fulfill their charitable obligations. It allows users to discover nearly 1,500 zakat-eligible charities in the US, create a personalized portfolio of favorite charities, set an annual zakat goal and allow automatic distribution of funds, or make immediate donations to the causes users care most about. Zakatify is more than just an app, it represents a charitable community that transforms the scope and spirit of zakat.

Zakatify shows you charities you might be interested in, allows you to interact with others to see what charities they support, and allows you to earn points for meeting your goals. Zakatify has been built in partnership with PayPal Giving Fund, which receives donations and regrants them to your chosen charities, as well as PayPal which processes secure transactions for Zakatify.

By introducing simplicity, discovery, portability, security, and social interaction to the zakat process, Zakatify aims to expand and amplify zakat giving in two ways: (a) making it simple to fulfill a zakat obligation, and (b) introducing donors to a variety of large and small zakat-eligible NGOs either in their area or working on causes they care about.

We are aiming for nothing short of a revolution in the way Muslims think about and fulfill zakat. The power of 2.5% of the collective wealth of Muslim communities could go a long way toward alleviating much pain and struggle in the world, and Zakatify can be key to unlocking it for the benefit of Muslims and their neighbors.

Download Zakatify now on iOS or Android, and let us know what you think.




An easier and more meaningful way to do your zakat. Discover zakat-eligible charities, create a personalized portfolio, and donate in minutes.

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See how Zakatify can upgrade your zakat giving experience. Discover zakat-eligible charities, create a personalized portfolio, and donate in minutes.

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