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Every crisis is also an opportunity for positive societal change.


Coronavirus and economic crisis swept over the world putting people at risk at being able to provide themselves with basic needs. This showcases a tremendous need for an upgrade to our social operating system. We need one where people would be provided basic needs no matter what. One that democratizes ownership and decision-making and gives the weighted power to scientific units to create an optimal system for all. One that coordinates entities and creates incentives to act in accordance with world-priorities. One that would dynamically mobilize entities towards the problems and advancement that the world really needs.

We need to set up units, institutions and organizations that would ensure the basic needs of all. Things like housing, food, appliances and the internet. Democratic Confederalism, successful experiments of which were done in Rojava showed that even in the harshest of situations such as war-conflict, you can provide people with basic needs.

In Democratic Confederalism in Rojava, there were various Commissions that would cover the needs of the people. Those include the Economics, Politics, Justice, Ideology, Defense, Women’s Commission and many more. Economics Commission works to ensure that all adults have a job and the means to support themselves and their families. They are responsible for agriculture, the supply of food, electricity, oil, gas etc. Economic Commission is also working with creating cooperative companies that are democratically controlled not just by the workers but by the community at large and which provide society with the needed developments. This way the concerns and the needs of workers and wider society are taken into account. In times of crisis, instead of laying people off such organizations would ensure that everyone gets by, for example, by lowering working hours and spreading the work across the workforce. Executives of large private companies who make decisions that will affect large swaths of people, often do so with less consideration for the harm it may cause. It doesn’t affect them personally and that’s why the chances of negative externalities are much larger in our current system, in contrast, the chances of such are much smaller within an Economic Democracy.

We all would benefit from moving towards such frameworks. Modern technologies make it easier than ever before, where platforms like Govérnio, Cambiatus, Social Evolution Project, Swae, Bitnation, Democracy Earth and further ideas of and can be implemented.

//Axo Sal from - Towards the biggest positive impact and prosperity for all and the whole that we exist in.



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