What are the 7 white labeling benefits

Image by Rafael Hovhannisyan

Putting your brand’s name on a product that someone else developed is advantageous in many ways. White labeling benefits are countless but let’s talk about the main advantages of it. If you have always been dreaming about creating your own messaging app but you never had an idea where to start from, this article is for you.

What is White Labeling?

First, let’s find out what is white labeling. In simple words, a white label product is sold under one brand’s name but created by another company. White labeling has become popular in recent years because not many companies have an in-house professional workforce to create messengers for their business from scratch. It is a faster solution which can save a lot of money and time.

White labeling is used extensively by many companies. Zangi is the only company providing a white label solution to anyone who wants to create their own branded messenger with custom features and unique interface. A number of features can be added upon request.

If you still can not imagine what your own messenger can look like, open Zangi Safe Messenger. It is possible to have a messenger like Zangi and even add more features to have your desired app.

So what are the white labeling benefits?

Saves Your Time

Building a messenger for your business will take months even if you have a professional team of developers and designers, and these days time is what we all lack. White labeling will save months of development time which can be used to boost your business or you can spend it on more important activities.

Saves Your Money

White labeling requires a small investment of time and money, unlike trying to do everything on your own. Investing in an existing solution will be more cost-effective than hiring a big team of developers.


If you haven’t been building applications for years, you will most probably fail the first and put more effort to rebuild the app or fix the mistakes. In case of white labeling, you just pay for their expertise and enjoy the quality work. And if something goes wrong, Zangi team is the one to fix the bugs and take care of the quality. They have gone through many beta tests, troubleshooting and overall they have the experience to create the app of your dreams in a short period of time.

No Prior Skills Required

If you don’t have any skills to build a messaging app or even your team is not experienced enough to build an app from scratch, Zangi White Label solution is the best choice.

The Choice

White labeling gives you the list of product options for your business. You can choose from many options what kind of app to have, which are the features you prefer or what kind of design best suits your business identity.

Satisfied Clients

Your clients will not be disappointed in your business because you will provide a flawless app which will be the best representation of your business. It is important to know that no one can guess whether the product has been white labeled. So if you choose Zangi White Label solution, your clients will only see your logo.


People in Zangi specialized in this particular area which means they can provide expertise and revolutionary solutions. If you build your own app, you are investing tons of money with no guaranty of the product’s success. But if you buy a ready-made platform, there is no chance to fail.

White labeling is, in fact, a good solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs or even big enterprises. You can fit the needs of your clients by personalized white label product.

Overall, white labeling benefits are so many that you will certainly be satisfied with the decision to white label your messaging app. I think these reasons mentioned above prove that white labeling is worth every penny spent on it.