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Auditing wallets in CryptoNote

Following an extensive few months of research by Valeriy Pisarkov aka Sowle (Zano Core Developer), we are excited to release our findings on auditability in Cryptonote, with planned implementation to Zano. This blog post is just a short introduction to the research paper as it is over 30 pages in length. There are many different aspects of this research, for simplicity listed here are the main topics of the research:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic intro to elliptic curve cryptography
  3. Accounting and balance calculation in CryptoNote 2.0
  4. Option 1 of 3: Bytecoin Auditable Coins
  5. Option 2 of 3: CryptoNote auditing researched by Anton Sokolov
  6. Option 3 of 3: Audit through output mixing limit
  7. Conclusion
  8. References

Below we have a link to the PDF file of the complete research, we hope you are as excited about this as much as we are and we welcome any feedback on it.




Zano is a next generation CryptoNote Cryptocurrency, focused on Privacy, E-commerce and Scalability.

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