5 Virtual Reality Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

These people are literally in the matrix.

Virtual reality is right around the corner and it’s absolutely mind blowing.

With the help of the awesome virtual reality community on ZapChain, I put together a list of videos that will convince you that virtual reality is insanely awesome.

Here are five virtual reality videos that will blow your mind.

( 1 )

This woman rides a virtual ride at a virtual amusement park. She literally can’t keep it together she’s so freaked out.

( 2 )

Virtual reality will merge with real life.

( 3 )

Journalists will no longer write about something, or simply film it, they will teleport you into an incredibly realistic experience.

( 4 )

Virtuality porn is a thing.

( 5 )

Imagine living life in third person, as if you were playing yourself in a video game.

As soon as you get a chance to try virtual reality out, do it, you won’t be sorry (although maybe a little freaked out).

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