6 Secret Passions You Need to Become a Virtual Reality Entrepreneur

Daniel Cawrey

Want to be a part of building the VR industry? Here’s what some of the experts in the space say you need to succeed.

We are at the dawn of a resurgence in virtual reality.

The combination of smartphones, 3D graphics and VR platform breakthroughs will provide explosive growth in this burgeoning industry.

There’s never been a better time to be a VR entrepreneur.

Even so, it takes a very specialized skillset to have the vision and gumption to succeed in an industry that has so much potential.

We asked the virtual reality experts on ZapChain what hidden passions people need to be a virtual reality entrepreneur.

This is what they said:

1. Design

In technology today, user design (UX) has become paramount to ensuring people have a good experience. This has even more importantance in virtual reality, where user interactions must be a reflection of the real world.

“Definitely need to respect the UX and practice human-centered design when building.”

2. Psychology

Virtual reality is more about the brain than perhaps any other technology today. This opens up a whole new field for VR entrepreneurs to test how the mind reacts — and it might be essential to industry success.

“Learn, always. Respect the end-user’s experience, this ain’t no video game. Brush up on some psychology.”

3. Communication

It’s easy to get caught up in the VR hype. But it’s important to remember that the majority of people interested in VR probably haven’t even tried a headset on yet. This is why educating through commuication is imperative.

“Openness and eagerness to discuss your ideas to total strangers. VR is new thing and needs to be openly discussed and ideas needs to be exchanged.”

4. Experimentation

There’s no set blueprint for success in VR yet. The industry is wide open for a ton of new ideas to be implemented. Because of this, the virtual reality space as a whole is a laboratory for trying all sorts of cool new concepts.

“Being able to get down and dirty with prototypes. VR interfaces and experiences are so new that there is no de facto language we can use to easily relay ideas to each other.”

5. Restraint

Virtual reality is all about exploring entirely new universes. However, that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should try to build things that are overly complex; this could make them too hard for people to use.

“From a technical side, keep it simple and don’t reinvent the wheel.”

6. Vision

It’s easy to get lost in the abyss while creating virtual worlds. This is why it is important to entrepreneurs pay attention to the trends that are happening the VR space since things can often change quickly.

“I think it’s important to have a firm grasp of what’s going on elsewhere in the industry as well as to remain flexible with your product.”

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