6 Top Places People Would Go Using Virtual Reality Teleportation

With VR, people can literally go anywhere. What places would they go?

There are a ton of interesting places to visit in the world. Problem is, it’s not always easy to get to them.

With the coming onslaught of virtual reality, people will be able to go to places they may not be able to otherwise.

Because of either time, money — or a combination of the two — virtual reality may become the optimal way to get away.

We asked the community on ZapChain where they’d like to be teleported to using virtual reality.

This is where they said:

1. Rum Cay, Bahamas

2. Bavaria, Germany

3. Havana, Cuba

4. Varkala Beach, India

5. A Bank Vault

6. Hogwarts

Where would you like to visit using virtual reality?

Tell us on the awesome ZapChain VR community.

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