The 3 Best Bitcoin Books Ever Published

What’s some good reading material for learning more about cryptocurrencies?

There’s a lot of information about bitcoin on the internet. However, not all of it is good. Fortunately, there’s been an increase in quality reading material about cryptocurrencies.

We asked the ZapChain community of bitcoin experts what they thought were the best bitcoin books.

Here is what they said:

Mastering Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos has been a longtime security researcher and bitcoin advocate.

Antonopoulos believes in the idea that people can bank themselves with cryptocurrency. His book ‘Mastering Bitcoin’ is a uniquely deep look into the technical details of bitcoin’s open source software.

“‘Mastering Bitcoin’ by Andreas Antonopoulos is an absolute classic. It is informative, technical, clear, and comprehensive; A must read for noobs and enthusiasts alike.”

-John Sands, Founder of Nebraska Bitcoin Association

The Bitcoin Big Bang

Brian Kelly is a reporter for CNBC’s Fast Money.

In ‘The Bitcoin Big Bang’, Kelly discusses the global potential of bitcoin. For those who invest in stocks or bonds, this book explains bitcoin and the history of money from an investor’s standpoint.

“Brian Kelly is one of my favorite stock analysts and is one of those rare Wall Street guys who really understands, respects and gets bitcoin.”

-Don Ranalli, bitcoin enthusiast

The Age of Cryptocurrency

Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna are Wall Street Journal reporters.

These two take readers on a journey starting from the very beginning of bitcoin with ‘The Age of Cryptocurrency’. Authors of WSJ’s digital currency BitBeat blog, Casey and Vigna look at bitcoin from the eyes of the finance world.

“It’s well written and includes a lot of behind the scenes info about the life of bitcoin. I think those that are veteran bitcoiners will enjoy this book just as much as a newcomer who is curious about what this bitcoin thing is all about.”

-Tiffany Hayden,

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